ASP.NET Zero v8.0 has Just Been Released with Customizable Dashboard & New Features

ASP.NET Zero v8.0 has just been released with ASP .NET CORE 3.0 support, new features, Customizable Dashboard System, and more features, fixes, and enhancements. Hence, end-users can modify the dashboard of your app as they want. See More

ASP.NET Zero saves your time by providing common application requirements as a pre-built Visual Studio solution (with full source code). So, Get its source code as the base solution and focus on your own business code. It is a starting point for new web applications with a modern UI and SOLID architecture.

What is new in ASP.NET Core 3.0

  • NET Core 3.0 and .NET Core 3.0 support added.
  • Identity Server Authorize Endpoint for Angular.
  • Quick navigation feature.
  • Strength indicator for password fields.
  • Scroll to top feature.

Benefits of ASP.NET Zero

ASP.Net Zero makes your everyday development effort stress-free by means of a comprehensive web application structure. Because, it’s built on popular dot NET frameworks like ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, and Entity Framework and UI libraries like Angular and jQuery.

You don’t spend your valuable time to re-create login, authentication, user/role/permission management, localization, setting system, audit logging, multi-tenancy, UI components, and exception handling system, and so on…

6 in 1 Key Feature of ASP.NET Zero

  • ASP.NET Core 3.x and ANGULAR 8.x based Single Page Application (SPA) solution for your web application.
  • ASP.NET MVC 5.x, ASPNET Web API, and Angularjs 1.x based Single-Page Application (SPA) solution for your web application.
  • ASPNET Core 3.x and jQuery based MVC solution for your web application.
  • ASPNET MVC 5.x, ASPNET Web API, and jQuery based solution for your web application.
  • Xamarin mobile application integrated to the backend solution (only for ASPNET Core (MVC or Angular UI) versions, supports IOS & Android).
  • ASPNET MVC based application for your public web site.
ASP.NET Zero v8.0 with Customizable Dashboard and new Features

Why ASP.Net Zero Developers

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